Lumion 11 : 3D rendering software for architects.

 3D rendering software for architects.

With the right tools, architectural visualization can feel like a natural and inspiring part of the design process that also beautifully showcases your design ideas full of atmosphere and personality. Lumion makes viewing simple and enjoyable from the moment the program is activated. This helps make your design experience visible to everyone, especially your clients.

With each iteration and last-minute client presentation, Lumion slips directly into any design process, creating a uniquely satisfying workflow. Surround your designs with majestic mountains, beautiful sea beaches, enchanting forests, bustling cities and quiet suburbs.

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To tell stories in architectural visualization, Lumion includes the tools, assets, and effects you need to bring your designs to life.

Lmion inspires creativity throughout the design process. Whether you use it to develop designs, deliver immersive photos, quick videos, or 360 panoramic photos to clients. Find the latest features here.

With Lumion, you can bring your business to life. It's easy to create different kinds of moods and atmospheres.

Capture characters with a huge content library

When you turn life into design, you reveal the real-life experiences that people can have when interacting with them, once created. You use subtle detail to show how the room's furniture gives a certain mood, and how trees and nature can communicate feelings.

Lumion Content Library - Offers over 6,900 items. This includes highly detailed nature elements such as trees, plants, indoor and outdoor furniture, cars, moving people, and more.

Lumion Material Library - Consists of over 1,350 materials, allowing you to create immersive sensory experiences. Beautiful visualizations not only convey the physical choices in your project; It ignites all senses when created with Lumion's many effects, tools and atmospheric content.

Intuitive Presentation Workflow

Lumion fits into current architectural workflows and practices, from the first sketches of shapes and forms to the final creation of design documents. The presentation software is easy to learn and use, making the presentation process a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

You can easily create beautiful displays as a first-time user, with an intuitive interface and simple educational experience. Lumion also features tutorials for new users to help reduce the already short learning curve.

Fully compatible with almost every 3D and CAD software

The idea behind Lumion is broad compatibility to ensure that simple and fast architectural designs are available to every architect and designer, no matter what 3D modeling or CAD software they use.

Everything is designed to save time. With the LiveSync plug-in, Lumion's real-time rendering feature, you can create direct connections between Lumion and major CAD programs, such as SketchUp, Revit, Rhino, ArchiCAD, and many others.

Even if LiveSync is not available for your CAD software, you can still enjoy unlimited import and re-import of models and compatibility.

Customer service

With a Lumion license, you have access to a fast and friendly global customer service team for all your technical and licensing questions. Support is available Monday through Friday (in English).


To add Lumion visualization software to your design workflow, you can order online.

Free professional trials are available for businesses by ordering through local partners.

Full-time students or faculty may be able to get the free education version.

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