Free Download New Updated Driver Canon IR-ADV C3520

Canon IR-ADV C3520
Canon IR-ADV C3520

From a business perspective, going paperless is an interesting concept because if implemented properly, it can save a lot of money. However, the use of paper as a document medium is often unavoidable, so printers and copiers are still needed.

These needs are met by the presence of a multifunctional device, the Canon IR-ADV C3520. Inside this machine is a printer, scanner, copier, and fax unit.

Features of the Canon IR-ADV C3520.

The three options you can choose when printing a document are Print, Scheduled Print, and Secure Print. There are three functions: "Print" to execute the normal printing procedure, "Encrypted Secure Print" to print a document using a password, and "Scheduled Print" to print a document based on a schedule.

"Schedule Print" uses the date printed by the Canon IR-ADV C3520 machine, so check the machine date and computer date first to avoid errors when scheduling document printing. , you have to check that the two are exactly the same.

"Encrypted Secure Print" is one of the security functions to prevent the confidentiality of documents from being leaked. Once the password is generated and activated, the file is sent encrypted from your computer to the Canon IR-ADV C3520 machine. If you do not enter the password, the file will not print.

"Forced printing of identification information" is another security feature that works to insert user information into printed documents. This method can be implemented if each employee is required to log into the machine using her own ID.

By enabling "Forced Secure Watermark", you can also automatically watermark documents to indicate that they are for internal circles only. This watermark is invisible when the document is read by a computer, but is visible when the document is printed.

Other data that can be embedded in printed output is a two-dimensional barcode so that the document cannot be scanned. This barcode is automatically inserted into all documents after the Forced Document Scanning Lock option is enabled.

Still relevant to document security are the creation of "digital signatures" and "encrypted PDFs". Both of these functions are provided in the scanner unit.

Download Driver Canon IR-ADV C3520

In addition to all the security features mentioned above, the Canon IR-ADV C3520 is also equipped with productivity support features such as motion sensors. When someone approaches the machine, sensors detect their movement and send a signal to wake the machine from sleep mode. The accuracy of the sensor that detects motion can be adjusted by selecting the sensitivity level.

Equally useful is the skip blank page feature available for printers and scanners. When enabled when printing, the Canon IR-ADV C3520 will not include blank pages in the printing process. If enabled while scanning a document, scanned blank pages will be automatically deleted. Download the latest and free Canon IR-ADV C3520 driver from the link below.

Developer: Canon Inc. | OS: Windows | License: Freeware | Size: 57MB

[Windows 32-Bit]

[Windows 64-Bit]

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