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Canon Advance 6275

Even in this modern age where everything has been digitized, paper is still used in a variety of ways. Even in many offices, the circulation of printed documents is still fairly high, so the existence of a copier such as the Canon Advance 6275 is seen as a work tool that must be available in the field.

The Canon Advance 6275 is an industrial copier with many features to improve your work efficiency. These features are presented through an intuitive interface, allowing you to complete all your copying needs easily and quickly.

Features of the Canon Advance 6275

The Canon Advance 6275 uses an automatic document feeder system that allows sheets to be automatically fed into the machine based on the order in which each sheet is placed.

The Canon Advance 6275 can also apply the single-pass duplex printing method. The term duplex printing refers to a machine's ability to print on both sides of a sheet of paper at once, single pass means that the machine can do this type of printing at once.

Meeting the needs of a world of work where everything must be fast and practical, the Canon Advance 6275 can produce about 75 pages per minute on letter paper and about 45 pages per minute on legal paper.

Other information about the Canon Advance 6275's performance is his FCOT (first copy out time) of about 3 seconds and a warm-up time of about 30 seconds when the machine is in sleep or standby.

The Canon Advance 6275 also has hardware components to support its operation, including up to 2GB memory, 160GB hard drive, USB 2.0 port and a reader unit with 600 x 600 dpi resolution.

This durable performance machine can be controlled not only from a physical control panel, but also from software installed on your PC or mobile applications on your tablet or phone. This kind of flexibility is required in the working environment to meet the needs of every situation.

The design process for the Canon Advance 6275 also took into account corporate needs for document security. The machine is equipped with security features such as secure printing, SSL encrypted communication, and MAC/IP address filtering that help maintain the confidentiality of your documents. 

Secure Print is a printing function whose main purpose is to prevent other people from knowing the document being printed. The trick is to set a password so that only people who know the password can print confidential documents.

Download the latest Canon Advance 6275 driver

When using the Canon Advance 6275, the required power consumption can reach up to 1.92kW. This consumption drops significantly when sleep mode is activated, to approximately 0.9 watts.

Machines automatically sleep after being idle (not in use) to save energy. You can manually reboot your machine by pressing a specific physical button. Download the latest and free Canon Advance 6275 driver from the link below.

Developer: Canon Inc. | OS: Windows | License: Freeware | Size: 30MB

[Windows 32-Bit]

[Windows 64 Bit]

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