Incredible Google developed AI, like a living thing?

Incredible Google developed AI, like a living thing?

Artificial intelligence technology or artificial intelligence is being developed more and more especially by big companies including Google. The giant Google recently developed an artificial intelligence program that is the equivalent of his 8-year-old child understanding physics.

Blake Lemoine, one of his engineers at Google, said the computer they were working on, his program, included artificial intelligence that looked more real and natural. The intelligence they produce seems to have the ability to think like humans and creatures.

This intelligence they develop has a mind that can think like a child, and this technology also has the ability to feel emotions like humans.

"Even if you don't think it's a computer program we're developing, you might think it's an eight-year-old human child with some understanding of physics.

Lemoine also went on to say that he used LaMDa as a communication process for artificial intelligence under development, according to a CNN Indonesia report. So by using any of these interaction methods, you will eventually be able to have normal human-like conversations.

Thanks to these amazing discoveries, Lemoine finally submitted a report to his Google so they could continue to develop the high-tech artificial intelligence they developed.

This, of course, has a positive effect on his Google company, which uses the Internet as a service to offer. Using artificial intelligence has allowed Google to develop applications with advanced AI techniques that help many people.

Having raised some concerns about lifelike artificial intelligence, Google spokesperson Brad Gabriel said there is nothing to worry about.

All programs run according to the code of ethics they follow. His LaMDa program that was developed doesn't have much evidence to prove the program is alive.

An ethicist and engineer moved away from his Lemoine concerns about living AI programs to examine and analyze these findings from Lemoine. So far, there is no hard evidence that LaMDa is life-like. ” said Gabriel, a spokesperson for Google.

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