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Canon iP2680

Canon itself is a Japanese company famous for releasing high-quality printers, but Canon also offers long-lasting printers.

One of Canon's printers with an attractive design, great features, high specs, and a low price tag is the Canon iP2680 series printer. The Canon iP2680 is a popular printer for printing a wide variety of documents in both text and image formats.

The Canon iP2680 can be used not only for printing text documents, but also for printing high-resolution images. The Canon iP2680 is equipped with certified features that can produce high resolution quality images.

Features Available with the Canon iP2680 Printer

The Canon iP2680 is a printer that can be used for printing text and images. This printer also has two cartridges for black ink and two for color ink. This printer also includes an inkjet printer that allows you to fill the ink yourself without having to come to a service center.

To fill the ink yourself, you can do this by following the filling instructions. For example, buy Canon ink and inject according to the proper color placement.

Since the Canon iP2680 is a simple printer that can support printing performance, and the Canon iP2680 is supported by FINE technology in the head, here are some other interesting features of the Canon iP2680.

Fine technology

The Canon iP2680 uses his FINE in its head cartridge, and this technology allows for cleaner, sharper quality prints. This technology is also one of the reasons for the high image quality.

Print resolution

The Canon iP2680 can print high-resolution images, but it's not much of an improvement over its predecessor, where both printers had the highest resolution, i.e. 4800 x 1200 dpi.

Power saving

The Canon iP2680 consumes very little power. It consumes only 7 watts in active mode and 1 watt in standby mode. Very frugal.

Simple design

The Canon iP2680 is designed with a simple look and a small size that can be placed on a medium-sized table. With this size Canon iP2680, you can save more space on your desk.

Download the latest Canon iP2680 driver

Even with the Canon iP2680, the cartridge is equipped with the FINE function, so high-quality printing is possible. If you need Canon iP2680 driver, you can easily download Canon iP2680 driver for free from below link.

Developer: Canon Inc. | OS: Windows 7,8,10,11 |License: Freeware|Size: 10MB

[Windows 32-Bit]

[Windows 64-Bit]

[Only Windows 7 32 / 64-Bit]

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