Twitter tests 'official' label again

 Twitter tests 'official' label again

Twitter actually announced that it will soon release an "official" feature as a label for bluetick users. The feature appears to have been reposted after it was removed by Twitter yesterday (12/11) Saturday.

A few days ago, Twitter users were commenting a lot on the controversial use of blue ticks where everyone can access them. Of course, this undermines Twitter's credibility as a social media platform.

Regarding this, Twitter itself explains that there is a difference between those who get bluetick accounts, both are paid, but bluetick accounts of celebrities get their official information from Twitter.

On the other hand, for those who get access to this blue tick by paying or subscribing to Twitter Blue, Twitter writes that they got the blue tick because they subscribed, not as a celebrity.

In this regard, to continue to strengthen credibility, Twitter has added a new feature called 'labels', but what are those labels? The label in question is 'official' to indicate that the account is official. It's a label.

Yesterday, one of his Twitter users got this label on his blue tick his account, but less than a day later, Twitter removed this label again.

After finally removing the "official" label earlier, today Elon Musk and Twitter are again starting to release labels that are expected to be assigned and acquired by several other official bluetick accounts. .

For the first time, the feature will appear on the official Twitter account itself. Large companies will most likely get this label first, as companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Cola-Cola have already acquired this label on their official accounts.

Twitter owner Elon Musk's own account hasn't gotten the same label yet, but Twitter could start with this small area of ​​label classification.

What do you think? It is very likely that Twitter will continue to release many surprises through improved features, and one of the free features that Twitter will release later is garnering a tremendous amount of attention from Twitter users, "Tweeting Edit".

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