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Epson L14150

In 2021, Epson released his three latest printer products with Wi-Fi Direct capability and other advanced technologies. This is the perfect printer for those who are hesitant about purchasing the latest printer series and those who are looking for a high-level printer.

The Epson L14150 is Epson's latest printer and this printer is his one of his EcoTank powered printers. Where it does not take time to replenish ink. Especially, it uses the newest and latest technology of Epson L14150 which can print images using ink more efficiently.

Epson L14150 is also one of Epson's printers and is equipped with three main functions that allow you to use the printer to print documents, scan or scan documents, and copy documents. So you save more money than buying 3 different devices. Get 3 benefits with 1 tool.

The Epson L14150 is equipped with Epson PrecisionCore technology, this printer is his one of his Epson printers that can print documents and images up to 4800 dpi with more completeness and sharpness. Another 7,000 pages in black ink and his 6,000 in color ink.

Epson L14150 Features

The Epson L14150 is his latest printer from Epson that allows him to print high quality files, especially for users who frequently use their printer device to print images. The Epson L14150 is one of the recommended printers because it supports Epson PrecisionCore technology that can produce more natural and sharp prints.

The Epson L14150 is also equipped with sophisticated scanning or scanning capabilities. The series is equipped with Epson ScanSmart for more flexibility in scanning files where you can easily edit files and save them in the desired format. It's funny, is not it?

If you're interested, take a look at some interesting features of the Epson L14150 below.

Print, copy, scan, fax

The Epson L14150 makes this printer series highly productive. You can use this printer series to print documents/images, copy files, scan and edit files, and receive his faxes in one printer.

Print up to A3+

Unlike general printers that can print in 4R size, the Epson L14150 can easily print files up to A3+ size.

USB & Wi-Fi Direct

You can connect the printer to your PC using USB to print files. You can also connect using your mobile phone or smart phone by downloading and using the iPrint application from Epson. So you can easily connect your phone and print files and images from your phone.

Eco tank ink

The Epson L14150 uses an eco-tank for the printer's ink container, saving you the trouble of refilling the printer's ink. The Epson L14150 uses pigmented ink for black and double-sided printing when printing front to back.

Epson heat free

The Epson L14150 is equipped with Epson's most advanced technology, which minimizes the printer when the engine starts to heat up. The Epson L14150 detects temperature levels and minimizes heat levels when ink is being heated for operation.

Download the latest Epson L14150 driver

The Epson L14150 has his three main functions of scanning, printing and copying. Of course, with these interesting features, it will be more efficient to minimize the extra funds for purchasing other hardware. Just one printer device already has three main advantages.

Remember, however, that each Epson printer should use a driver specific to the type of printer to support maximum operation. If you need Epson L14150 driver, you can easily download Epson L14150 driver for free from below link.

Developer: Seiko Epson | OS: Windows 7,8,10,11 | License: Freeware

Size: 30MB

[Windows 32-Bit]

[Windows 64-Bit]

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