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 Epson L6550

Working with a printer sounds familiar. Printers make it easy to create physical document files that can be used as one of the documentation requirements that must be met when working with both institutions and businesses.

Especially for those of you who work in a company, of course you need a printer that is versatile and can work more optimally where you can't use a normal type of printer. You need a printer that can be used for

For those looking for printer recommendations that are harder to use than typical printers, this printer is one of our recommendations.

The Epson L6550 can print documents at high speed with the latest technology of the device. A major advantage of the Epson L6550 is the ability to print files using the print function. In addition, you can also scan physical files and convert them to digital via the scan function. The latter can easily copy physical files using the Photo Copy feature. .

These advantages make it cost-effective when purchasing other devices capable of performing scanning and copying tasks. You can use three major functions of Epson L6550 more efficiently with one unit.

Epson L6550 Features

The Epson L6550 is a printer with certified features. With the Epson L6550, you can take advantage of Epson's Heat-Free technology. This technology saves EcoTank power and ink usage.

The Epson L6550 main unit is equipped with an eco-tank that minimizes printer ink replenishment and mistakes during replenishment. When you need to work quickly, the Epson L6550 can print files at speeds up to 32.0 ppm for draft and 25 ipm for standard print.

You can check out some other interesting features of the Epson L6550 below.

Low power consumption

The Epson L6550 is equipped with advanced technology that can save you from excessive power usage. The Epson L6550 allows the device to operate with lower power consumption than other types of printers.

Wi-Fi mobile connection

With the latest Epson technology, the Epson L6550 is equipped with technology that allows you to connect your mobile device to the Epson L6550 printer. You can print images and text documents using just your smartphone and Epson's iPrint app.

Maximum number of copies

The Epson L6550 has a photo copy feature that allows you to easily copy physical files and print them again. Interestingly, the Epson L6550 can copy files up to 999 times.

Epson mail print

The Epson L6550 has many convenient functions. You can also print files with email access from your mobile device or PC.

Download the latest Epson L6550 driver

The Epson L6550 has three main functions: scanning, printing and copying. Of course, with these interesting features, it will be more efficient to minimize the extra funds for purchasing other hardware. Just one printer device already has three main advantages.

However, it should be remembered that each Epson printer must use a special driver depending on the type of printer in order to support its maximum operation. If you need Epson L6550 driver, you can easily download Epson L6550 driver for free from below link.

Developer: Seiko Epson | OS: Windows 7,8,10,11 | License: Freeware

Size: 30MB

[Windows 32-Bit]

[Windows 64-Bit]


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