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Epson c45

The Epson C45 features inkjet technology for printing text and graphics. The finely sized spray of ink directed onto the surface of the paper offers a quality guarantee that is comparable to the price paid to own an Epson C45.

Each drop of ink is ejected into an ink dot by applying some printing technique, but the ink is dispersed by a series of carefully designed cartridges that are easy to install, manage and replace. .

Advantages of Epson C45

One of the technologies that the Epson C45 printer relies on is RPM (Resolution Performance Management) technology. This technology is basically aimed at improving print quality without slowing down printing too much.

Print quality is also supported by Epson's Advanced Error Diffusion technology, which is an evolution of conventional halftone technology. This technique is commonly used by newspaper and magazine publishers to save printing costs.

Its mechanism is to spread dots of ink on paper according to a specific pattern. The volume percentage of each ink dot is intentionally varied to create a color gradient. The smaller the ink dot, the lighter the color produced on the paper. Speaking of inks, there are two sets of inks used in the Epson C45. So there are 3 Epson T038s in black and 3 Epson T039s in 3 different colors.

According to an official statement from Epson, the ink in the Epson C45 printer is the result of an innovation called Quick-Dry ink, which offers advantages such as high penetration, brighter color reproduction, and long-lasting ink durability, so printing Long lasting. Quality is not fast.

You can replace the ink in your Epson C45 printer at any time. No need to wait until the ink runs out completely. If you are printing a lot when the cartridge is low on content, you can temporarily replace it with ink that is still full for the print session and use the remaining small amount of ink for other print sessions when it is not needed. lots of ink.

Cartridge contents can be monitored at any time from the PC screen. That way, you can quickly find out which cartridge is about to run out and have it ready for replacement.

Download driver Epson C45

The printer with product code C11C575041 has a printhead with a nozzle configuration of 48 black, 15 cyan, 15 magenta, and 15 yellow nozzles to spread the ink onto the paper.

The Epson C45 printer is cheap, but you can't expect much faster document printing. Even with draft mode enabled, this printer can only process about 12 pages of notes per minute. This speed may drop again with daily use. This is not uncommon when documents with large amounts of text need to be printed. Download the latest free he Epson C45 driver from the link below.

Developer: Seiko Epson | OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 | License: Freeware | Size: 7MB

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