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Epson DS 310

The Epson DS 310 was officially launched in Jakarta, Indonesia in July 2017 along with the Epson DS-360W, becoming the first portable scanner in the Southeast Asia region with automatic document feeder (ADF) technology.

At the time, the Epson DS 310 was an attractive scanner for highly mobile professionals. Its physical size is small enough to fit in a briefcase and its weight is light enough that it doesn't require much energy to carry around in your daily work activities. The technical specs are very good for speed and quality of scans. Don't be disappointed.

Features of Epson DS310

The convenience offered by ADF technology makes his ADF technology-equipped scanners, such as the Epson DS 310 scanner, the most efficient solution for organizations that are rarely separated from their routine document scanning tasks.

This technology requires the manual entry and removal of each document one at a time, so unlike flatbed scanners that must be on standby at all times, the technology has a feeder capacity and feeder capacity that can scan up to 20 documents continuously. combined.

Imagine if you had dozens of documents to scan. Using flatbed scanners can be tedious and tiring. Plus, it wastes your time. The time that could otherwise be used for work productivity, which is directly linked to the company's profits, is actually being used to operate the scanner.

To support portability, the Epson DS 310 battery can be charged using an adapter or via a USB cable connection. The physical size also allows the scanner to be held with one hand if the feeder and paper holder are closed first.

The Epson DS 310 can easily be placed on a small table thanks to its physical size. The jet-black color and texture, as well as the attractive body design, give off a harmonious presence even when placed next to a laptop or PC.

The scanner is physically very slim, with indicators and switches that act as feed selectors for handling different types of paper, and a decorative panel with stop and power buttons.

The Epson DS 310 can handle his KTP size paper instead of standard his A4 paper, and has a feeder that can hold A4 paper and more, plus a dedicated slot for placing plastic cards. When scanning business cards, ID cards, or other plastic cards, all cards must be inserted into a special slot, not a feeder.

Download Epson DS 310 Driver

For the best scanning quality, the Epson DS 310 includes a series of special features that improve the accuracy of text recognition, prevent distortion in scan results, scan text and images separately, and correct suboptimal colors. It also has functions. After downloading and installing the Epson DS 310 driver, you can access all these features from the Epson Scan window. Please download the latest free Epson DS 310 driver from the link below:

Developer: Seiko Epson | OS: Windows| License: Freeware| Size: 70MB

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