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Epson L455

In this era of increasing sophistication, various products have provided various conveniences to facilitate human work activities. One of them is to use the printer as a document printer. With this device, you can easily convert soft files to hard files in just seconds and keep your documents in their physical form.

Epson is a printer brand that is constantly innovating to offer printers with advanced specifications and features such as the Epson L455. Epson's L455 is back as a low-priced printer with advanced and unique features.

The Epson L455 itself is included in the printer with all-in-one functionality, which he can use in three different functions. First, as a document printer. The second is as a machine that scans and stores documents. And finally, as a copier.

Epson L455 Features

The Epson L455 is a pocket-friendly printer and easy to get. This series is widely used, especially for those working in small companies that print important documents every day, as it offers powerful features to support productivity.

That's why Page Yield support on the Epson L455 is so important, you can print documents with up to 7,000+ pages in less than a month. Does it really support productivity?Here are other features you need to know before buying this he Epson L455 series printer.


The Epson L455 can be connected using his two methods, using a USB cable and using the wireless Wi-Fi feature to print over a considerable distance, allowing multiple users to connect.

Mini panel

The Epson L455 is equipped with a small screen as an interface for operating the printer, which can be used to set the scanning and copying functions while in use.

Ink tank

You can see the remaining amount of ink at a glance, and it is very easy to refill the ink when you are done using it, just pour the ink into the container according to the color listed.

Mobile connection

You can also use your mobile phone to print documents and images by simply downloading and installing the iPrint application from Epson. Then you can easily print any document using just your mobile phone.

Print speed

The Epson L455 can print black and white text documents at speeds up to 9.2 ipm and color inks at speeds up to 4.5 ipm.

Download the latest Epson L455 driver

The Epson L455 has the main functions of printing, scanning and copying. Apart from that, this printer series is also famous for its extremely economical power consumption and support for ink tanks that make it more practical to refill printer ink easily.

However, it should be remembered that each Epson printer must use a special driver depending on the type of printer in order to support its maximum operation. If you need Epson L455 driver, you can easily download Epson L455 driver for free from below link.

Developer: Seiko Epson | OS: Android | License: Freeware | Size: 30MB

[Windows 32-Bit]

[Windows 64-Bit]

[Driver Scanner]

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