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Epson TM U220 

The Epson TM U220B is a mini size printer for cashiers. Such printers are called receipt printers or POS printers. In Indonesia it is called a cashier printer.

When shopping in a supermarket, consumers usually receive a receipt in the form of a small piece of paper with the list of items purchased, the price of each item, the total price of all these items, and the amount received. Cash register, amount of change. Create a receipt, called a receipt, and give it to the consumer after payment.

To create receipts or payment receipts, supermarkets use cash register printers. As he one of the existing cashier printers, Epson TM U220B offers serial impact dot matrix based printing technology for printing receipts.

Features of Epson TM U220B

Cash register printers such as the Epson TM U220B aren't just needed in supermarkets and minimarkets. Various retailers are also required to provide receipts that consumers are already entitled to receive.

As a dot-matrix printer, the Epson TM U220B uses a pinhead and a ribbon of ink to print characters on receipt paper. During the printing process, a moving pinhead periodically strikes a ribbon of ink onto the paper until all characters have been printed. This way of working is similar to that of a typewriter.

Because of how it works, the printing process is pretty noisy. However, cash register printers are generally not used in office spaces, but in commercial transactions, so this deficiency is not an issue.

Despite the noise, this type of printer is still widely used today due to the low cost of the paper. The price of the printer itself is typically less than thermal technology-based cash register printers.

The Epson TM U220B comes in two color variations: Epson Dark Gray and Epson Cool White. At just 160 mm long, 248 mm wide and 139 mm high, the physical size of this printer is relatively small with a weight of just 2.5 kg.

The Epson TM U220B offers an economical TCO (cost of ownership) value, an easy paper change mechanism, and can be placed on a table or mounted on a wall.

Download driver Epson TM U220B for free

The Epson TM U220B has a print speed of about 4.70 lps and can print up to 16 cpi. Lps stands for lines per second (lines per second) and cpi stands for characters per inch (characters per inch).

The life of the Epson TM U220B product is measured by the number of lines printed. Based on test results, the Epson TM U220B is projected to print 7,500,000 lines.

Among them, the age of the auto cutter is estimated at 800,000. The function of this component is to cut each receipt so that it can be easily removed from the Epson TM U220B machine. Download the latest free Epson TM U220B driver from the link below.

Developer: Seiko Epson | OS: Windows| License: Freeware| Size: 87MB

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