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Epson WF-M21000

In this age of sophistication, we have used various types of machines to support human activities. In business, for example, there are many large companies that already have many employees, but whose performance also needs to be aided by high-tech equipment.

A printer is a tool that allows you and other employees to easily print documents, but their presence is of course very important given presentations and other needs that require physical documents.

Understanding this, Epson has released a printer that is perfect for when you need to print a lot of documents in your office. The Epson WF-M21000 printer series makes it easy to print documents with others.

One of the reasons the design of this printer is so great is that it is specifically for advanced use and high tech machines in it.

Features of Epson WF-M21000

Epson WF-M21000 is a powerful printer, if the previous series could print black and white and color documents, this Epson WF-M21000 series can only print black and white documents.

Epson WF-M21000 allows you to print monochrome his documents on different types of paper sizes. This printer can print documents up to A3 paper size.

For more information, here are some other interesting advantages of the Epson WF-M21000 monochrome printer series:

All-in-one printer

The Epson WF-M21000 makes printing documents easy. You can also scan physical documents using the scan function and copy physical documents using the copy function. Much more efficient, right?

Epson heat free

The Epson WF-M21000 is equipped with other certified features from Epson. This Epson no-heat technology allows you to operate your device without worrying about excessive heat. The machine will automatically neutralize the temperature and continue stable operation.

High speed

Supporting being able to print at relatively high speeds, you can use this printer to print documents at speeds up to 100 ppm, easily printing up to 99 pages per minute.

Ink yield

The print cycle of this printer is fairly high, allowing you to print documents of up to 60,000 pages on a single black ink refill. It is very. Of course, this is due to Epson's ink-saving technology.

Download the latest Epson WF-M21000 driver

The Epson WF-M21000 has the main functions of high quality printing, copying, scanning and faxing. In addition, this printer series consumes less power, making it ideal for home printer use.

But remember that each Epson printer needs to use a special driver depending on the printer type in order to support its maximum operation. Download the latest free Epson WF-M21000 driver from the link below.

Developer: Seiko Epson | OS: Windows 7,8,10,11 | License: Freeware | Size: 41MB

[Windows 32-Bit]

[Windows 64-Bit]

[Driver Scanner ]

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