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 Epson L550

Epson has re-released a printer with powerful functions. This is a great support for those of you who often print documents and images. Epson printers have a reputation for a wide range of features, easy to use features, and the ability to customize the printer to your needs.

One of his printers that is very feature packed and really supports performance at work is the Epson L550 series printer. The Epson L550 is Epson's printer with a larger design than the previous series, and the printer is also highly favored for its ability to print on a wide variety of paper sizes, up to A4 size.

The Epson L550 also continues to feature the all-in-one feature that many groups love. This feature allows you to use three different functions using only one printer device.

Features of Epson L550

The Epson L550 is equipped with a print function that prints documents and images with a single printer, a scan function that scans paper documents and converts them to soft files, and an all-in-one function that allows you to use the three functions of a printer with a single printer. printer. Finally, a copy function that allows you to duplicate documents.

The Epson L550 is also equipped with connectivity using wireless Wi-Fi. This is very suitable for you and other office workers. Multiple users can operate the Epson L550. Some of the great features of the Epson L550 series include:

print speed

The Epson L550 is believed to be able to print documents fast to support performance, capable of printing documents up to 33 ppm and printing up to 30 pages in just one minute.

print resolution

The Epson L550 also supports high-quality printing of documents and images, and can print images at resolutions up to 5760 x 1440 dots per inch.

power saving

His Epson L550 with sophisticated features consumes only a small amount of power. The Epson L550 consumes only 10 watts in print mode and 5 watts in standby mode.

Control panel

The Epson L550 is equipped with a control panel that you can use. There are some physical buttons such as scan, resume, on/off and a small screen for operating the printer.

Download the latest Epson L550 driver

The Epson L550 has the main functions of printing, scanning and copying. Apart from that, this printer series is also noted for its extremely economical power consumption, requiring only about 10 watts, and its support for ink tanks that make it more practical to refill printer ink easily.

However, it should be remembered that each Epson printer must use a special driver depending on the type of printer in order to support its maximum operation. If you need the Epson L550 driver, you can easily download the Epson L550 driver for free from the link below.

Developer : Seiko Epson | OS: Windows 7,8,10,11 | License: Freeware

Size: 30MB

[Windows 32-Bit]

[Windows 64-Bit]

[Scanner Driver]

[Fax Driver]

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