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Windows 11


Microsoft is planning to launch a people forelook of its Android apps for Windows 11 next month, alongside some taskbar improvements and redesigned Notepad and Media Player apps. Windows captain Panos Panay contour the upcoming changes to Windows 11 in a blog post now, and they look to be part of Windows 11’s first gross update.

The upcoming Windows 11 next lunation will also include the weather scraper returning to the taskbar, something Microsoft started testing last lunation. Microsoft is also redesigning its Notepad and Media Player apps, and both conclude dark modes and design twitch that more closely match Windows 11.

The major league new addition will be Android apps on Windows 11, though. Panay says this will be a “public preview,” indicating that the characteristic will still be in beta when it’s widely effectual next lunation. Microsoft first begin testing Android apps on Windows 11 with testers in October, and the characteristic allows you to induct a bounded number of apps from Amazon’s Appstore. There are a variety of workarounds to get Google Play Store continuous on Windows 11, but Microsoft isn’t ex cathedra supporting this.

Microsoft says it has versed a 6x extend in companions second-hand apps likely Cisco WebEx, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. Next month’s Windows 11 update will also mate it easier to share your sift in Microsoft Teams and other video call apps. A unspent tab will appearance when you protection over apps likely Teams on the taskbar, and it obstacle you rapidly cut windowlet satiate on a call.

“Since the startle of the pandemic, 70 percent more people radiate content across Hulu, Netflix and YouTube on Windows and monthly gaming minutes grew over 35 percent,” uncover Panay. “As a team, we handle an monstrous amount of appreciation and glory delivering a outcome that has increasingly become a part of people’s maid living, and we cane we are not done.”.

PC hardware is punctilious, but it’s not much habit without innovative software. I’ve been revision software for PCMag since 2008, and I still get a foot out of sighted what's modern in video and photo alter software, and how operating systems innovate over time. I was privileged to byline the incubate clerestory of the last print issue of PC Magazine, the Windows 7 review, and I’ve witnessed every Microsoft triumph and slip up to the latest Windows 11.

With Windows 11, Microsoft boldly changes up its offer-guiding desktop operating system, gift it a unspent examine featuring a centered Taskbar, protuberant bay nook, and new translucent textures. Despite this fresh show, using Windows 11 doesn't feel drastically different from second-hand Windows 10. Many of the updates amount to surface distress rather than deep codebase vary, and it still discuss all your familiar applications. Coming after six years of ho-hum upgrades, this major overhaul to the look and feel of the world’s most epidemic desktop operating system gives Windows punka something to get irritate about, and earns our Editors' Choice award.

Note that in September 2022, Windows 11 got its first major feature update with the 2022 Update, aka ver. 22H2, which is still rolling out to eligible PCs. It terminate new Taskbar, Start Menu, and accessibility shape, as well as some new reach-sift gestures. The 22H2 version also brings fresh apps, like the ClipChamp video editor and the Sound Recorder. A new security feature, Smart App Control, deter the installation of rancorous apps. After some issues with gaming achievement, a subsequent update has addressed the GPU germ responsible; adfected users should go to Windows Update in Settings to get the transfix.

Windows 11 is effectual for guiltless for Windows 10 systems. At this point, its initial rollout is complete, and the modern OS is an option for all PCs that join the requirements.

Anyone with one of the newer chips should have no trouble installation Windows 11 via Windows Update. Microsoft made a downloadable ISO(Opens in a new windowlet) disk image string for the beta Insider version handy for installing Windows 11, allowing in-position upgrades or sinless installations on a PC or in a virtual machine. A alike setting up option is now available for the extricate version of Windows 11 via Microsoft's Download Windows 11 henchman(Opens in a modern oriel). Some sources(Opens in a new window) have hearsay that installing the OS with the ISO installer bypasses the system's hardware requirements, but that's not advisable as you may not get future OS updates if you install it on naked hardware.

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