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Epson CX7300

Buying a printer that can copy and scan is better than buying copiers, printers, and scanners separately. The price is more affordable and you can save more space.

Epson, as a printer company making a name for themselves around the world, has many models of printers commonly called all-in-one printers. For example, the Epson CX7300 printer. The price is cheaper than the Epson CX8300, but the printing speed is comparable to that of a printer.

Advantages of the Epson CX7300 printer

The Epson CX7300 printer can handle a wide variety of paper sizes. The maximum number of sheets that can be stored is calculated assuming a total of 120 sheets of A4 paper size.

The Epson CX7300 has a modern and rugged looking body design. Even so, this inkjet printer weighs only 5 kg, so it is quite light. The size of the main unit may be a little inconvenient if you want to move it to a table or the like.

The Epson CX7300 printer also has decent print quality. Compared to lower-end classes such as the Epson CX5500, the print quality is almost unchanged when what is being printed is a page with text and graphics.

The text quality of the Epson CX7300 prints is relatively disappointing. It looks sharp and can be read clearly. Graphics quality may degrade slightly when placed side by side with Epson CX5500 prints.

The print quality of the new Epson CX7300 actually seems to surpass the print quality of the Epson CX5500 when both are used for printing photos. The Epson CX7300 can display detailed photos better and display colors more accurately.

All the above test results may differ slightly from the actual printed results. There are several factors, three of which are the type of document you are printing and the type of ink and paper you are using.

Turning to the print speed aspect, the Epson CX7300's performance is satisfactory in its class, and can even match the speed of the more expensive Epson CX8300. Both test methods are the same, using Epson paper and ink to print note pages in draft quality, and the printing process runs for 1 minute. As a result, the Epson CX7300 can create notes of up to 32 pages.

Download Printer Epson CX7300

The scan speed offered by the Epson CX7300 isn't too disappointing either. Hard to call fast, but not too slow. When scanning at a maximum resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi, each line of text on an A4 page can be fully scanned in 8.8 ms.

Another nice thing about the Epson CX7300 is the ability to read data stored on memory cards. The USB port attached to the main unit can also be directly connected to other devices. An example is a digital camera that already supports PictBridge technology. Download the latest free Epson CX7300 printer from the link below.

Developer: Seiko Epson | OS: Windows | License: Freeware | Size: 9MB

[Windows 32-Bit]


[Windows 64-Bit]

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