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Canon MP110 

After discussing different types of printers with interesting features and benefits, this article will discuss one of the very rare old printers. This is quite normal as the existence of older printers has actually been superseded by many of the latest printer series.

For example Canon MP110, this printer series is an old printer that is no longer in production. Therefore, this product is used and not sealed.

That said, is it okay to discuss the advantages of this older printer? Speaking of advantages, this Canon MP110 series printer uses the inkjet method for printing documents. Where documents can be printed in black and white and color.

If you're interested below, we'll review some of the interesting benefits of the Canon MP110's capabilities. See review below.

Features of the Canon MP110

The Canon MP110 was a popular printer at the time and this printer offers the advantage of being a very high quality printer. In fact, this printer has the ability to print documents up to A4 size, which is not inferior to the latest printer series.

As for the cartridge itself, the Canon MP110 still uses a BCI type cartridge, which you can still find on the marketplace. That's why the Canon MP110 costs very economically.

For more details, here are some other interesting benefits of the Canon MP110.

Power saving

The Canon MP110 consumes less power during operation, consuming less than 10 watts in print mode and 0.5 watts in standby mode.

Operational savings

It is very economical as maintenance costs are low. For example, for the price of ink offered, this printer uses the easy-to-find BCI ink type.

Print results

The Canon MP110 can print both monochrome and color documents in very high quality. This printer can print at resolutions up to 1200 dpi.

Print cycle

The Canon MP110 has quite a lot of print cycles for an old-school printer, and can print up to 600-page documents in a month of use.

Download the latest Canon MP110 driver

High-quality printing is the biggest feature of the Canon MP110. In addition, this printer series consumes less power, making it ideal as a home printer.

However, it should be remembered that all Canon printers require the use of special drivers for each type of printer in order to support maximum operation. Download the latest and free Canon MP110 driver from the link below.

Developer: Canon Inc | OS: Windows 7,8,10,11 | License: Freeware | Size: 17MB

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