How To Make Scanner Shortcut On Desktop?

Hi, here we’re going to demonstrate yous, how to make scanner shortcut on your desktop. Making a shortcut of an application inward Windows is an effortless task, simply some peoples don’t take an exact idea of how to become scanner shortcut (Icon) on desktop. We are giving yous the footstep-past-pace take to making y’all empathise how to become a scanner ikon on your desktop.

The take volition live for Windows XP, Vista, vii, viii,, Windows 10 operating systems. You tin utilize these steps to go the Canon, Lexmark, Samsung, Dell, Epson scanner shortcut on your desktop.

How to Create a scanner shortcut on the desktop?

  1. Open devices & printers page – Click on Start MenuDevices & Printers.

    For Windows ten users, click on Start Menu  → Settings (Gear Icon) → Devices → Printers & Scanners.

    devices and printers

  2. In devices & printers page, double-click on your printer. In my case, it is Laserjet m1005 printer.My device's and printer's page
  3. Right-click on Scan a document & pictures ikon in addition to so left-click on Create Shortcut.

    Note: If you lot make non become this selection, so nosotros propose y’all to please try method iiPrinter's settings page

    Create scanner Shortcut

  4. After that, yous’ll get the scanner icon (shortcut) on your desktop named equally: “Scan documents & pictures shortcutScanner shortcut created
  5. If the above steps did not function for yous, then attempt method2 from below.

    Method two: Make a shortcut of Windows Scan Utility on your Desktop.

    You tin easily scan your document using Windows Fax & Scan Utility. It is a default app that is built-inwards with the operating system. Here is the footstep-past-stride direct on how to brand a shortcut of Windows Scan utility.

    Step one: Navigate the following path: c:/Windows/system32. Change the drive alphabetic character according to where your operating arrangement is installed.

    Step ii: Right Click on WFS.exe file in addition to become to “post to” option too and so only click on “Desktop (Create Shortcut)”. After clicked on that, the scanner shortcut on your reckoner has been created. Please encounter the next screenshots.


    Make Scanner shortcut steps

    #screenshot2scanner shortcut created

    That’sec it. Enjoy the fob.

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