Tousanticovid App Free Download (Medical Apps)

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tousanticovid application a telecharger TousAntiCovid App Free Download (Medical Apps)

TousAntiCovid App Free Download (Medical Apps)

TousAntiCovid App Features:

Using TousAntiCovid helps to protect your loved ones, yourself together with everybody else by alerting you if yous take been close to a user who tests positive.
The TousAntiCovid application is designed for role inward French Republic.
Let’sec protect our loved ones, ourselves and everybody else.
TousAntiCovid is elementary:
# Activate the application
TousAntiCovid uses your call up’s Bluetooth connectedness to discover other users’ phones when they are around yours.
# Stay informed
You volition be alerted when y’all take been about a user who tests positive for COVID-xix.
# Protect your loved ones as well as everybody else
If yous have a test for COVID-nineteen that turns out to be positive, the laboratory will give you a code to scan or get in manually to send an anonymous alert to users who have been some you lot.
# Your information are protected
The application never tracks your place together with it is impossible to discover a user’second identity.
# TousAntiCovid Wallet – NEW!
With the wallet, you tin like a shot add together your COVID-19 certificates (vaccine as well as examination) digitally inwards the application, for more than simplicity!
# TousAntiCovid Signal – NEW!
The digital “cahier de rappel” is forthwith available inwards TousAntiCovid. In places requiring this, the venue presents a QR Code to scan to effectively line the chains of contamination.
# Information in addition to fundamental figures
In TousAntiCovid, y’all can follow the health situation, cheers to key figures together with daily tidings.
This application of contact tracing for Covid-xix has been developed past the TousAntiCovid team nether the supervision of the Ministry for Solidarity too Health as well as the Ministry of State for Digital Affairs.

TousAntiCovid App Free Download (Medical Apps)

TousAntiCovid App Info:

TousAntiCovid is a state-led application to assistance contend against Covid-19
It allows yous to be alerted inwards example of contact alongside Covid-xix, to be informed on the evolution of the epidemic, to generate your travel certificates as well as to shop your wellness decease certificates.
The safety of your data is at the centre of TousAntiCovid
TousAntiCovid complies alongside the regulations that guarantee the protection of your data (GDRP). The application does not necessitate whatever personal information to work. Technically, the projection has been designed to furnish the highest possible degree of security.
Why TousAntiCovid ?
TousAntiCovid is the application that helps us become through each phase of the pandemic patch being active against the virus.
The health crisis has forced us to constantly conform our habits too customs. At the starting time, it was a affair of protecting ourselves every bit much as possible, isolating ourselves, going upwardly the chains of contamination. Then phases of partial reopening in addition to novel restrictions alternated.
Every fourth dimension, TousAntiCovid has been able to conform in addition to even let us to take care of each other. It facilitates the adoption of new barrier measures, making them easier to follow in addition to observe: contact tracing at the tiptop of the epidemic, attestations during lockdowns as well as curfews, access to a health pathway (isolation, testing, vaccination).
tousanticovid application a telecharger TousAntiCovid App Free Download (Medical Apps)

Today, the application accompanies the render to normal life with the wellness give-up the ghost too the digital reminder booklet. Thanks to unproblematic, not-binding gestures, it is integrated into our routines as well as allows us to move frontward together towards life equally it was before.

TousAntiCovid App Information:
Updated xviii December 2021
Size 23M
Installs x,000,000+
Current Version 4.0.3
Requires Android v.0 in addition to upward
Content rating Rated for three+
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