Visual Studio 2022 For Windows

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Visual Studio 2022 for Windows 11/Windows ten

Visual Studio 2022 for Windows Features:

Code faster
Work smarter
Create the time to come with Visual Studio 2022
Your ideas deserve the best tools
Scale to go on projects of whatever size too complexity alongside a 64-scrap IDE. Code alongside a new Razor editor that tin can refactor across files. Diagnose issues alongside visualizations for async operations too automatic analyzers.
Develop cross-platform mobile and desktop apps with .NET MAUI. Build responsive Web UIs inward C# with Blazor. Build, debug, too exam .NET together with C++ apps inward Linux environments. Use hot reload capabilities across .NET together with C++ apps. Edit running ASP.NET pages inwards the spider web designer persuasion.
AI-powered code completions. Work together inward existent-time alongside shared coding sessions. Clone repos, navigate function items, too stage private lines for commits. Automatically prepare CI/CD workflows that tin can deploy to Azure.

Visual Studio 2022 for Desktop

Code inwards the cloud
Move your workstation to the cloud alongside Microsoft Dev Box
Code from anywhere on whatever device alongside Microsoft Dev Box. Streamline setup with self-service, high-functioning dev boxes that are preconfigured for your projects, too customize your dev box about your preferences together with go styles. Work remotely on any device without putting yourself—or your system—at hazard.
Scales to whatsoever project
Visual Studio 2022 is the best Visual Studio ever. Our offset 64-bit IDE makes it easier to operate amongst even bigger projects as well as more than complex workloads. The material you lot do every twenty-four hour period—similar typing code and switching branches—feels more fluid more than responsive. And out-of-retentiveness errors? They’re nigh to be a distant retention.
Inside the code editor
Type less, code more than
IntelliCode is a powerful set up of automatic code completion tools that empathise your code context: variable names, functions, in addition to the type of code y’all’re writing. This makes IntelliCode able to complete upwards to a whole occupation instantly, helping you code more than accurately in addition to confidently.
Deep insights into your code
CodeLens helps yous easily notice of import insights, similar what changes have been made, what those changes did, as well as whether you lot’ve operate unit of measurement testing on your method. Essential data—like references, authors, tests, together with commit history—is right there to lead y’all toward the best in addition to virtually informed decisions nearly your work.
Share more than screens
Live Share’sec existent-fourth dimension collaboration sessions speed upwards your squad’second edit in addition to debugging cycles, no thing the language or platform. Personalized sessions with access controls together with custom editor settings make sure everyone stays code-consistent.
Getting you lot prepare to send
Stop problems earlier they’re problems
Integrated debugging is a core office of every Visual Studio product. You tin footstep through your code as well as expect at the values stored inward variables, ready watches on variables to run into when values modify, try the execution path of your code, in addition to just about anything else you lot necessitate to bank check out nether the hood.
Instant bear upon
Analyze how much code you lot’re testing and meet moment results inwards a examination suite that’sec been optimized for efficiency. Know the bear upon of every modify you make alongside advanced features that exam code equally you lot type. With WSL integration, yous can test on both Windows in addition to Linux to brand sure your app runs everywhere.
Seamless cloud integration
Get the nearly from Visual Studio 2022
Azure deployment
Deploying to the cloud gets fifty-fifty easier. We furnish all the templates you lot’ll take for mutual application types as well as local emulators. And you lot can remain correct inwards Visual Studio to provision dependencies, like Azure SQL databases together with Azure Storage accounts. You tin can even diagnose any issues quickly alongside the remote debugger attached direct to your application.
Integrated version command
Visual Studio 2022 has built-in support for Git version command to clone, create, too open your ain repositories. The Git tool window has everything y’all require for committing as well as pushing changes to code, managing branches, too resolving merge conflicts. If you take a GitHub account, y’all can make do those repos direct inside Visual Studio.
Visual Studio 2022 for Windows Info:

For guidance on improving operation, come across Optimize Visual Studio performance.
one.8 GHz or faster 64-fleck processor; Quad-gist or amend recommended. ARM processors are non supported.
Minimum of 4 GB of RAM. Many factors affect resources used; nosotros recommend sixteen GB RAM for typical professional solutions.
Windows 365: Minimum 2 vCPU too 8 GB RAM. four vCPU together with sixteen GB of RAM recommended.
Hard disk infinite: Minimum of 850 MB upward to 210 GB of available infinite, depending on features installed; typical installations ask twenty-fifty GB of gratis infinite. We recommend installing Windows together with Visual Studio on a firm-land campaign (SSD) to increment performance.
Video carte that supports a minimum display resolution of WXGA (1366 by 768); Visual Studio volition work best at a resolution of 1920 past 1080 or higher.
Minimum resolution assumes zoom, DPI settings, in addition to text scaling are set at 100%. If not ready to 100%, minimum resolution should be scaled accordingly. For instance, if you lot prepare the Windows display ‘Scale as well as layout’ setting on your Surface Book, which has a 3000×2000 physical display, to 200%, and so Visual Studio would encounter a logical covert resolution of 1500×1000, meeting the minimum 1366×768 requirement.
Supported Languages
Visual Studio is available in English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, French, High German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Castilian, as well as Turkish. You tin can choose the linguistic communication of Visual Studio during installation. The Visual Studio Installer is available inward the same xiv languages, too volition correspond the linguistic communication of Windows, if available.
Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Office Integration 2019 is available inward the ten languages supported by Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2019.
Additional Requirements and Guidance
Administrator rights are required to install or update Visual Studio.
Refer to the Visual Studio Administrator Guide for additional considerations together with guidance for how to install, deploy, update, and configure Visual Studio across an arrangement.
.NET Framework 4.five.2 or to a higher place is required to install Visual Studio. Visual Studio requires .NET Framework four.8 to go. If .NET Framework iv.8 isn’t already installed, it will be installed during setup.
.NET is required to work Visual Studio on Windows 11 on Arm. If .NET iv.viii.1 isn’t already installed, it volition be installed during setup.
Universal Windows app evolution, including design, editing, and debugging, requires Windows 10. Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2016 may live used to make Universal Windows apps from the control line.
The WebView2 runtime is required to install Visual Studio. If it isn’t already installed, it will live installed during setup. The Visual Studio installation will fail if WebView2 tin can’t be installed successfully (either because of installation fault or Group Policy install or update restrictions).
Team Foundation Server 2019 Office Integration requires Office 2016, Office 2013, or Office 2010.
Is there a free version of Visual Studio  Visual Studio 2022 for Windows
Visual Studio 2022 for Windows Information:

Visual Studio 2022 System Requirements
The following products support the minimum arrangement requirements below:
Visual Studio Enterprise 2022.
Visual Studio Professional 2022.
Visual Studio Community 2022.
Supported Operating Systems
Visual Studio 2022 is supported on the next x64-fleck operating systems:
Windows 11 version 21H2 or higher: Home, Pro, Pro Education, Pro for Workstations, Enterprise, together with Education
Windows x version 1909 or higher: Home, Professional, Education, as well as Enterprise.
Windows Server 2022: Standard and Datacenter.
Windows Server 2019: Standard in addition to Datacenter.
Windows Server 2016: Standard in addition to Datacenter.
Visual Studio 2022 17.iv in addition to later are supported on the following 64-bit ARM operating systems:
Windows xi version 21H2 or higher
The next are non supported:
32-chip operating systems.
Windows 10 on Arm. Visual Studio 2022 versions 17.iii together with before on Windows xi on Arm.
Windows 11 Home inwards southward manner, Windows Enterprise IoT, Windows ten IoT Core, Windows ten Enterprise LTSC edition, Windows ten southward, together with Windows x Team Edition. You may function Visual Studio 2022 to build apps that operate on these editions of Windows.
Server IoT, Server Core and Minimal Server Interface options for Windows Server.
Windows containers, except for the Visual Studio Build Tools.
Running inwards virtual automobile environs without a full Windows operating organization.
Application virtualization solutions such equally such equally Microsoft App-V or MSIX for Windows, or 3rd-party app virtualization technologies.
Multiple simultaneous users using the software on the same auto, including shared virtual desktop infrastructure machines or a pooled Windows Virtual Desktop hostpool.
Visual Studio 2022 for Windows Download Link:

Visual Studio Enterprise 2022 Download
Visual Studio Professional 2022 Download
Visual Studio Community 2022 Download

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