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Epson L100

Epson was the first printer brand to develop a printer with an ink tank function, and of course many people wanted to buy and use Epson printers. Not only is it simple, it also eliminates the need to open cartridges and minimize errors when refilling ink.

One of the first series of Epson printers to use the ink tank feature was the Epson L100. Apart from the simple ink tank feature this printer is pocket friendly., you don't have to pay extra.

Epson's L100 has gained popularity thanks to its simple and easy-to-use refillable ink tank, which eliminates the hassle of refilling ink unlike ink cartridges. By simply using the Epson L100, you can pour ink directly to match the container and the color written. This method is also very easy and minimizes damage to the cartridge if you misfill the ink one day.

Features of Epson L100

The Epson L100 became the first Epson printer to use the ink tank feature. This feature makes it convenient when refilling ink and eliminates the need to inject ink into the cartridge.

The Epson L100 also offers very good print quality when compared to other printers. This printer can print images and text up to 5,760 dpi where a typical printer he can only print up to 4,800 dpi.

It's funny, is not it? Apart from its attractive features, the Epson L100 also sells at a standard market price. The features are also interesting and sophisticated. For those interested, here are some other interesting features of the Epson L100.

Fast ink refill

The Epson L100 is equipped with FIT or Fast Ink Top-Up technology that makes printing easy by simply pouring ink into the tank. This function is divided into three parts: tank, hose, and special cover, designed for users to easily refill ink.

Ink tank size

The Epson L100 features a sleek ink tank design that takes full advantage of this design to withstand impact and is equipped with a cover that minimizes ink spills during travel. The size is also quite large and can hold up to 70ml of ink.

'High quality

The Epson L100 is one of those printers that can print high-quality images, and you can tell the difference when you compare it to another brand of printer with similar specs. The Epson L100 can print at a resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi.

Paper capacity

For students, the Epson L100 is an easy-to-use printer, and the Epson L100, which can hold up to 100 sheets of paper per print, is also one of the recommended printers.

Download the latest Epson L100 driver

The Epson L100 is the first printer device to have an ink tank function. Of course, with this interesting feature, it will be more efficient to minimize extra funds in the event of an error when filling the ink. The simple ink tank design makes it easy to use and efficient.

However, it should be remembered that each Epson printer must use a special driver depending on the type of printer in order to support its maximum operation. If you need Epson L100 drivers, you can easily download his Epson L100 drivers from the link below for free.

Developer : Seiko Epson | OS: Windows 7,8,10,11 | License: Freeware

Size: 20MB

[Windows 32-Bit]

[Windows 64-Bit]

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