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If you are in the printing business, you are already familiar with the fact that many consumers ask for images and photos to be printed. Printing photos and images yourself consumes more ink. This is very different from printing using a document containing text.

In general, regular printers are developed to print text document files and images, but still vary in quality when used exclusively for image printing. You need a printer specifically designed to produce high quality images.

Currently, one of his printers capable of printing high image results is his Epson L800. The Epson L800 is his Epson printer specially designed to help you print your photos and images with the best results. With the Epson L800, you can easily print images up to 4R size and in high resolution.

Features of Epson L800

The Epson L800 comes as a fully featured printer. Printing images requires more and more ink consumption, especially color ink. The Epson L800 uses ink more efficiently to print images.

The Epson L800 is also supported by Epson Micro Piezo technology, which is located in the head of the printer cartridge, allowing the printer to print high quality images. The Epson L800 also supports ink savings through ink usage. The Epson L800 contains six inks, making it different from typical printers.

The Epson L800 inks include magenta, cyan, yellow, light cyan, light magenta, and black. So it doesn't take a lot of ink to combine primary colors to produce other secondary colors. In addition, because it uses an ink tank, it is easy to refill ink. Other interesting features available on the Epson L800 are:

Power saving

The Epson L800 is equipped with technology that makes the printer's power usage more efficient. The Epson L800 voltage is 220-240V. At 3.3W when in operation, it is very economical.

Red eye correction

You can use this feature to remove facial objects, especially red dots in the eye area. So you don't have to bother editing your photos before printing them.

Portrait enhance

With this feature, you can easily print your photos in portrait mode. This allows you to create higher quality portrait photos with more natural colors, skin tones and perfect exposure.

Print speed

The Epson L800 has a fast print speed and can easily print photos up to 4R size in just 12-14 seconds.

Output to CD

This feature is very useful, especially for those who run a printing business. You can use this feature to view a printout of his CD before printing it manually. Epson L800 can provide overview and save soft files.

Download the latest Epson L800 driver

The Epson L14180 has his three main features: high-quality photo printing. These interesting features allow the Epson L800 to use six inks and combine multiple inks to produce secondary colors to save on ink consumption, thus minimizing the extra funds for purchasing an inking device. Keeping it to a minimum is of course more economical.

However, it should be remembered that each Epson printer must use a special driver depending on the type of printer in order to support its maximum operation. If you need Epson L800 drivers, you can easily download he Epson L800 drivers for free from the link below.

Developer : Seiko Epson | OS: Windows 7,8,10,11 | License: Freeware

Size: 24MB

[Windows 32-Bit]

[Windows 64 -Bit]

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