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 Epson B-310N

Epson B-310N is basically the same as Epson B510DN. This is an inkjet technology based printer that provides an economical printing solution for small businesses.

The similarities between the two are also reflected in their physical design. When viewed from the front, both have a cartridge chamber with a recessed body on the upper left, and a control panel with the same button structure on the upper right.

Epson B-310N Features

Although the Epson B-310N and Epson B510DN have the same physical design, there are certain differences in various functions. One of them is related to the ISO page yield.

The Epson B510DN supports cartridge capacities with a maximum ISO page yield of up to 7000 color pages and 8000 monochrome pages. That difference is a far cry from the Epson B-310N, which is stuck at 3,500 color and 3,000 monochrome pages.

Their monthly work cycles are also different. For the Epson B510DN, the maximum number of printed pages per month he reaches 20,000 pages. Epson B-310N has a maximum of 10,000 pages. Using your printer to print beyond these numbers increases the risk of damaging your printer.

We recommend printing the recommended number of pages (4000 pages per month for the Epson B510DN and 2000 pages per month for the Epson B-310N) to keep the printer in good condition as much as possible. The weight is also different, but the difference is such that you can't feel the difference if you lift the two alternately.

Both the Epson B-310N and Epson B510DN have auto-duplexing. The difference is that this feature is an optional feature on his Epson B-310N. By introducing a duplex printing unit, you can further reduce the cost per print.

Other functions are almost the same. To keep the printing process running smoothly, there is a nozzle check function that automatically runs a function at regular intervals to maintain the health of the printheads.

Additionally, the two printers also feature 32 MB of internal memory capacity, a noise level of 55 dB (A) while the printer is printing and 38 dB (A) when the printer is idle, and a viewable monochrome LCD screen. It supports up to 2 lines of 22 characters, text, 4 ink cartridges, has a USB 2.0 type B port, and can be connected to a wired network.

Driver download Epson B-310N

Accessing the Epson B-310N printer driver is the same as accessing the Epson B510DN printer driver. You can use the Start button, taskbar, or Print option in various software such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Writer, Google Chrome, Foxit PDF Reader.

Epson-provided printer drivers allow you to play around with a variety of print options, including print quality options that are divided into drafts, text, text and images, graphics, and photo options. Download the latest free Epson B-310N driver from the link below.

Developer: Seiko Epson | OS: Windows | License: Freeware | Size: 10 MB

Windows 32 - bit 

Windows 64 - bit 

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